Homework Assignments

      Homework goes home on Monday (Tuesday after three-day weekends) and is due on Friday.

    Reading for 15-20 minutes per night is required. Completion of a Reading Log is also necessary.  Reading AR books three to five times and taking an AR test weekly is expected.  The other readings are for your pleasure.

    Math assignments are included every week.  First grade receives one two-sided page.  Second grade receives two to three of the same.  Look for it in the backpack.  In addition, daily memorization of math facts is required.  Students have to know addition and subtraction facts to twenty with automaticity.

    Spelling words need to be memorized.  Some work is done on them in class, but the majority needs to be done at home.

    Incomplete schoolwork will be sent home.  It is to be completed and returned to class the next day.